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Amazon Selling and VA Course with Freelancing (Bonus)

Amazon is one of the largest online buying and selling markit in the world and everyone want to get
linked with it somehow. Some want to sell their products online on Amazon platform and some want to offer 
their services on Amazon as Virtual Assitant to those who want to sell their products on Amazon but don't have
enough time for selling on amazon.

By the end of this course, You will be able to. .

    • Amazon course teach sellers how to optimize their product listings with compelling titles, engaging product descriptions, relevant keywords, and high-quality images. This optimization can improve search rankings and attract more customers.


    • Understanding Amazon's policies and guidelines is crucial to avoid account suspensions or other penalties. Amazon courses educate sellers on how to comply with these rules while maximizing their selling potential.


    • Course provide insights on how to provide exceptional customer service, respond to customer inquiries promptly, and encourage positive reviews. Positive customer experiences and reviews can build trust and increase sales.
Duration : 2.5 Months
Per Class : 1.5Hr
Platform : On Campus
Support : WhatsApp
Recorded Lectures : Not Available