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About Us

Who We Are

We are an IT Institute, trying to focus on the trending technologies and providing short courses to prepare individuals for IT industry in short period of time.

Our Mission & Vission

Education system focus on memorizing the theoretical concepts to get good marks, grades in exam and we never get enough time to focus on skills.
Learning the skills to get the jobs in the market after graduating from a recognized institution is still a big challenge for more than 90% of the students. Memorizing the concepts and step by step theoretical procedure to perform any practical gives an illusion that we can perform the practical by keeping all these steps in mind that is why students never focus on performing the practical and polishing the skills. Our Institute is working on a mission to priorities the skills over memorizing theories and make students ready with industry level skills so they can get jobs and can perform in the market.

Every theory is a step by step guide to perform practical.

In any field, If you think about a subject it is a theoretical subject you are studying it with wrong approach, Theories are guide to perform practical, If you are not polishing skill by performing practical after reading theory you will not learn something new.
Hammad Maqbool